• Jul 30, 2020
  • by TbT watches

Project to distribute meat slaughtered on Eidul Adha to refugees in Syria. 

Even with the world under lockdown because of Covid-19, we have to show support to those who are really in suffering. The displaced families in Syria (and countries affected by war and poverty) are the most vulnerable currently. With travel bans, aids have been almost cut off and the last few months, they have been suffering physically more than anyone. 

Our team has managed to contract with suppliers and we have a very reliable chain of distribution of the qurbani meat. The prices to perform Qurban is available on our official website. 

Besides providing the qurban, we also have allocated funds to distribute provisions and necessities.

Photos of the Qurban and recipients will be posted on the facebook page nur international services 

*as of this project, we will not be accepting anymore donations via TbT. If you wish to donate, please visit our services website and you can select online or offline donation methods*