• Nov 30, 2019
  • by TbT watches


Appeal for donations to: INSTALLING SOLAR LAMPS

Location: Kampong Kanjong Muqim Chares (Daerah Tralech)

Nur International Services intend to install solar powered lamps in the homes of residents.

Currently, these residents do not have any electricity and when it becomes night, they depend on lanterns which uses firewood or kerosene. This causes much danger as their houses are made of wood and there have been many incidents of fire.

These lamps are charged during daylight and lasts for more than 20 hours. It is also useful especially rainy seasons. A single solar lamp can brighten up their entire living space and there are about 600 families in the region.

We are also building street lamps which are solar powered. Each street lamp is spaced 30 meters apart. An average of 10 Street Lamps covers 300 meters equivalent to a street length in the region.

Projected completed on November 30th,2019

We have posted photos on Nur international services Facebook page, of the recipients of the solar lamps, the fixing of the lamps and also set-up 2 street lamps to provide light for vehicles at night.  


Second project completed on December 25th,2019

Photos posted on Nur international services on the Facebook page. We have uploaded photos of the people who received the solar lamps, we showed the photos of the lamps installed at their homes.